Nutrition Matters for July 2020

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Self-isolation has become a reality for Americans as the impact of the coronavirus on our country is more pronounced. This is an unprecedented time, and the notion of staying at home for an extended period is a lot for anyone to wrap their head around, both physically and mentally. For many, working from home (if your type of work allows for it) will be the new day-to-day, and this can present its own set of challenges. But since you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, time you’d usually spend in transit, engaging in extracurricular hobbies, or seeing pals, you’d be wise to fill those hours with some productive activities. So here it is – a list of productive activities to occupy your body while in isolation. This is your chance to catch up on chores you have been putting off for weeks, tend to your home in a way you haven’t had a chance to yet, and take care of yourself.

For your body: Stretch out!! Without being able to visit the gym or go for a jog, you’d be wise to find other ways to limber up and flex your muscles. If you have a yoga mat, roll it out at least once a day to stretch out your back, particularly if you’re working from home and thus sitting at a set-up that’s not ergonomically designed for long-term work. Yoga or Pilates are fantastic methods of exercise for keeping fit while making little noise to disturb downstairs neighbors, plus, there are thousands of free guided workouts online. Work on a special skill!! Always wanted to touch your toes? How about do sit-ups? Now is your time to work towards that little fitness goal. Chip away at it for a few moments each day and you will notice improvements in no time at all.

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