2017 Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market Vendor Application

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Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market
Vendor Application

The Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market will be held each Saturday from May 2017 through October 2017. Location will be located adjacent to the Recreation Park 470 Hwy 13 South, Snow Hill, NC. The hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. You must be in your spot by 7:30 a.m. Local producers of fruits and vegetables have first priority on spaces at the market. “Local”, referring to production in Greene County or from areas within a 50-mile radius. Applications should be submitted to Greene County Cooperative Extension, 229 Kingold Blvd., Suite E, Snow Hill, NC 28580. If you need more information call (252) 747-5831. Applications must be submitted 2 weeks prior to secure a space. Please keep pages 1-4 of the application for your records and return page 5 to Greene County Cooperative Extension.

The Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market will be conducted in accordance with the attached rules of operation. The Market Manager will review all applications and contact you when approved. The Market Manager will make a farm visit to all vendors during the market season and reserves the right to inspect any farm or producer when questions arise concerning the producer’s items.

Local produce or products that can be sold, but not limited to:

Vegetables, grown from seeds, set, or seedlings
Fruits, nuts or berries grown by the seller
Plants grown by the seller from seed, seedling, transplant or cutting
Bulbs propagated by the seller
Eggs produced from the seller’s hens
Meats from animals raised by the seller
Dairy products from animals raised by and made by the seller
Honey produced from the seller’s bees
Cut or dried flowers grown by the seller
Firewood cut by the seller
Straw baled by the seller
Preserves, pickles, relishes, jams, jellies and candies made by the seller
Baked goods baked by the seller
Seafood caught by the seller
Art or crafts made or crafted by the seller

Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market Rules of Operation

GOODS OFFERED FOR SALE: Obvious-out-of-season and produce will be evaluated for the market. No flea market or garage sale-type items are permitted.

Meat and Poultry Handler Registration: Any farmer who receives, stores, transports, and/or sells (wholesale or retail) NCDA (State) or USDA (Federal) inspected meat and/or poultry products must register as a meat and poultry handler with the NCDA&CS.
The product must be handled and stored under acceptable conditions (appropriate temperature, product rotation, etc.) to prevent the product from becoming adulterated. There are no maximum and/or minimum temperature parameters set by the NCDA&CS. They only require that the product be stored and transported properly to prevent product adulteration due to “temperature abuse”. Transport vehicles must be clean and in good working condition.
To register as a Meat and Poultry Handler, you must meet with a Department of Agriculture official on your farm to ensure compliance with all of the requirements. Contact the NCDA&CS at 919-733-4136 to make an appointment.

Small-scale producers who fall under the exemption (described below) are not required to register as meat and poultry handlers.
Exemptions for Small-scale Poultry Producers: Producer/Grower 1,000 Poultry Limit Exemption: This exemption from NCDA&CS law allows an individual to slaughter and/or process poultry of their own raising (on his or her premises) and sell the poultry products in intrastate commerce without mandatory (daily) inspection. To operate under the limited provisions of this exemption the individual must meet the five (5) requirements as stated in MPID Notice 08-10, titled “Poultry Exemption Requirements”.

Egg Producers: Eggs for sale must be clean (not necessarily washed, but clean). Anyone selling more than 30 dozen eggs per week must grade the eggs and label cartons with grade. Eggs are graded based on federal quality standards. The eggs must be refrigerated to 45 degrees or less after gathering. Do not allow them to freeze. If eggs are ungraded, the farmer must put “ungraded” carton or sign. Reused cartons must be “clean, unbroken and free of foreign odor”.

Baked goods: Any prepared food and/or baked goods sold at the market must comply with NC Department of Agriculture regulations. NCDA requires a kitchen inspection for those who prepare foods that are sold at a farmers’ market. All the prepared food sold at Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market must come from NCDA inspected kitchens regardless of whether the baked goods and prepared foods are sold for-profit or not-for-profit, such as a charity bake sale. (To arrange a kitchen inspection, contact the NC Department of Agriculture at its Raleigh office — 919-733-7366).

Fish and Seafood: Seafood & fresh fish may be sold at the Market provided the fish are fresh, and cleaned within twelve hours of being sold.
Seafood & fish must be farm raised or fresh water fish. Fish must be on ice and water/liquid must be able to drain away from fish at the time of sale.

Sampling: If you plan to taste sample, gloves and antibacterial gels must be used for safe handling practices at your booth.

• Organic and Natural certification: For vendors selling organic and natural produce, please attach Certification Documents with application.

• Crafts: All crafts must be hand crafted by the vendor or a member of the vendor’s family or craft unit. Crafts will be screened for authenticity.

A walkway of five feet must be left unobstructed for a pedestrian walkway and for public safety and convenience. A continuous walkway of five feet must be provided from one sales area to the next.

All tents and coverings must be adequately secured for wind.
IN CASE OF RAIN: All producers are expected to come rain or shine. Prepaid rental fees are not refunded in case of inclement weather.

SPACES: Each space must have a sign indicating the name, location of the farm or business. Prices must be posted for all products or individually priced. Product must also be labeled as local, produced in NC, certified organic or produced in another state or country.
There will be no subletting of market spaces by producers. No producers will have more than two spaces. Our policy is to refuse booth space to all groups wishing to promote a religious, political or advocacy position. Such groups are welcome to apply, and may bring a locally produced products such as cookbooks, locally grown plants, produce or crafts.

DISPLAYS AND TABLES: Producers must furnish their own tables, chairs and displays. There are some tables and chairs for vendors to use. Please request from Market Manager prior to setting up.

SCALES: If goods are offered for sale by weight, the producer’s scales must be in accordance with established standards as set by the State of North Carolina. You may contact 919-733-3313 for information on securing a state certification sticker.

SALES TAX: Each producer is responsible for the reporting of and the payment to the North Carolina Department of Revenue of all required taxes resulting from the sales made at Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market.

MARKET ETIQUETTE: Producers are expected to wear attire that maintains the wholesome atmosphere of a farmers market (must wear shirt and shoes, etc.) Producers are strictly prohibited from hawking, crying out, or engaging in activity designed to attract attention to their products. In the interest of fair trade, producers disparaging other producer’s goods risk expulsion from the market and forfeiture of their space rental fees including full season fee payments. Concerns about other producer’s products should be kept confidential and directed to the Farmers Market Manager.

CLEAN UP: Each producer is responsible for the removal of all waste and garbage from his or her space at the closing hour of each market day.

SMOKING: Producers and their associates cannot smoke in the sales area during market hours.

PARKING: Personal cars of producers or sellers may be parked in the parking lot. Producers that have retail goods in vehicles or delivery trucks may park in the Farmer vendor’s area.

PRICING: Pricing of goods at the market is the sole responsibility of the individual vendor. However, vendors are expected to be aware of and maintain fair market values. Radical price cutting of quality produce or “dumping” is prohibited. Poor quality or overripe products labeled as such may be sold at a discounted price. Advertised prices must be displayed throughout the market day.

50% of the produce is grown on my property or a leased property? Yes __ No___

• If no, list leased property where produce is grown _______________________________________
Producers and growers must sell up to 50% local and up to 50% non-local
produce. Items not grown at your farm are subject to sales tax and requires a
certificate of registration.
• Meat producers: Are all animals born and raised on your property?
____Yes ____No
If no, provide dated purchase documents that: include NC Permit to sell meat.
Please list the items you intend to sell at the market.

Put a check by the Saturday market dates you plan to attend:

Spring and Summer Market Summer and Fall Market
May 6_____           July 22_____
May 13_____         July 29_____
May 20_____         August 5_____
May 27_____         August 12 _____
June 3_____          August 19_____
June 10_____        August 26_____
June 17_____        September 2_____
June 24_____        September 9_____
July 1_____           September 16_____
July 8_____           September 23 _____
July 15_____         September 30 _____

Fees below are only applicable for the Farmers Market.
All payments are non-refundable. If you have a space at the market on any given Saturday and will not be selling at the market on the days checked, please call to let us know so another vendor can use that space.

All vendor space payments are preferred in advance with the application and should be made to:
Elaney Wood Heritage Farmers Market
470 Hwy. 13 South
Snow Hill, NC 28580

Vendor payments will be accepted and receipted at the Farmers Market, but prefer payment in advance.

Daily Space Fees @ $10.00 All Season Fee: $220.00
One Additional Space Daily $5.00 Total enclosed: $ __________________

Producer Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________

Sales & Use Tax Certification #:_________________________________________________________

Farm Name/Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Physical address (if different from above): ____________________________________________

City:__________________________________________ State:____________________ Zip code:__________

Business phone #:___________________Cell #:____________________E-mail:__________________________

Description of items to be sold:__________________________________________________________________



The undersigned producer has read the rules of operation and agrees to abide by its requirements.

Signature:___________________________________________________ Date:______________________________