Southern Rust in Corn Confirmed for 2015

— Written By Roy Thagard

Southern Corn Rust has been confirmed in 2 eastern North Carolina Counties, Hyde and Lenoir. I’m reminded of the outbreak of rust that corn growers had last year and the need to spray fields that may be susceptible to a disease outbreak again this year. Dr. Heiniger, Corn Specialist with NCSU, reminds us when corn is at the R5 stage (kernals begin to dent) is the safety window to no longer worry about rust affecting the crop. Today (7/17), I feel 80% of the corn crop in Greene County has not reached this maturity window. Corn that is just beginning to silk and corn that is just beginning to pollinate is certainly at the greatest risk for rust injury.

I realize this has been an extremely tough year for growing corn. The market is still not favorable for profit from corn this season. However, if your corn crop is looking good to this point, and you know it is a variety that is more susceptible to rust, I think it would be a good idea to treat for rust in order to save your crop the rest of the season.

Below is a link to an article written by Dr. Heiniger regarding rust and what growers can do from this point forward. As always, it’s a pleasure to serve each of you.

Southern Rust in Corn in 2015